Excerpts from Journals. { July 3, 2017 }

September 28, 2017

I've saved so many drafts these past few days, struggling to figure out what to publish. I decided to rummage through an old notebook and find a piece of writing from there and release that in the meantime. Just to let you all know I'm still alive.


The following I wrote whilst in Big Bear, California, right before July 4th. My band and I were up there, camping in their van and a tent as well. It was a beautiful experience; we camped on top of a mountain and played music over a breathtaking valley of trees (there was even a graveyard of burnt down trees from California's ruthless fires), the Big Bear lake in the distance, and deafening silence. Escaping here from the craziness of Hollywood was truly a blessing. I hope you enjoy these excerpts from my journal.


July 3, 2017:


Alignment of minds,

the rarist of finds.

This part inside

I'll no longer try to hide.

How can you smother truth

When there's so much left to prove?

Love is endless if you allow it,

let contents fly from your net

and take flights

to new heights.

Some may fall along the way, 

that's just how it is these days.

It's hard to imagine

What has fueled many's engines.

But if you listen and allow,

you'll see behind furrowed brows.

Behind every tear 

comes something rooted in fear,

and fear is rooted in love.

So let it speak to you from above.


We talk of this new age,

But why is there still so much rage?

Broken left in cages,

barely scraping by with minimum wages.

But why conform to what we know,

when you can travel from sun to snow?

Bitterness at other people's success,

when they're clearly not comfortable with themselves.


Contorted confusion.

Other's abusin',

users stuck usin'.

It's hard to find connection

with modern distraction.

All people want is some action

when love is what they're lackin'.

Seek realness,

and you will find ultimate bliss.

July 3, 2017:


A part of something new,

not forgotten or used.

Refreshing and alive,

unafraid and not trying to hide.

No disguise,

or foreseeable demise.

The world is a funny place

once you acknowledge and move on from the waste.

Countryside co-inside with cityscapes,

where will be your escape?

The world is your oyster now,

go into it and educate them how.

Love thy neighbor,

And do not choose hate, sir.

Realms of light

seep into those of night,

and save lost souls from all the unknown.

Visions of tranquility...

Yes, that's what it was meant to be.

Love is not lost,

it's just a muddled, confused frost.

Dethaw with heat of life,

and blossom with a force of might.

I hope you enjoyed these quite "transcendent" writings! Something was definitely happening in my body to have written both of these in the span of an hour apart. I'll be publishing a fresh post within the week. Keep watch.


- Cadence.


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